My name is Kostas Margaritis and I am A Greek-Canadian.

I was born in Greece , I studied there in the  Electrician field.

In 2011 I travelled 

to Canada in Montreal to visit Family and I met my Wife! In the year of 2012 I took the decision to immigrate permantly in Canada.

After a few months working as electrician I had a

 Serious accident that left me out of work for almost 3 months.

Sometimes whatever happens it happens for a reason

That we say in Greece!

What Im about to tell you is this! Before I mooved to Canada I was very sceptical if somebody can make money online,from home or If I should buy a training online. I thought that people will scammed me. So when I had this accident  I had plenty of time to do research and spend all my day basically in front of my 14 inches Fujitsu Siemens laptop which i brought from Greece !!! LooooL !!!

I remember how tiny it was comparing with my Desktop now!

I was starting even reading ebooks from amazon with kindle,suddenly my Mind Opened and I was able to absorve a lot of information and to get out of that bubble I was of scepticism. I Have a page here with all the books  I read and im reading still now for my motivation and I want you to take a look HERE too. They are going to help you really.

There was a time i was buying so many Video trainings that i was Overwelmed and i didn’t know where to start. I don’t want you to do the same mistake as me and spend so much time on learning and no taking action,cuz this is the most Important.


In this Website/blog I will provide you with the best tools to start your Online Journey to Affiliate Marketing,Or Blogging, Or Dropshipping.

Since 2012 I started doing this ( promote products or sell my products ) as a Hobby as an extra Income! I love working from my comfort home and at the same time to make money and I met a lot of people too. I’ve been in a Big Seminars Like tecademics in Las Vegas and in other places.By the way in las Vegas event I met two very famous people in this Industry ( Internet Marketing ) ,Chris Record and Vick Strizheus. I was very happy and fortune to meet them in person,we had a little chat and I learned so many things from them that I’m willing to Share with you for FREE.

That’s why you will find another page here  in my website ,Im calling it FREE TRAINING VIDEOS,you should take a look right away , there is so much information and value I put in there.For those info believe me I paid a lot of money!




My Passion

I am pasionnated of helping others to start their own Online Journey in Internet Marketing Industry.

I love building websites , Blogs landing pages connect them with autoresponder emails account etc.